Setting the Goals & Objective for Your Nonprofit Organization + Examples

Goals & Objective for Your Organization

When you’re starting a nonprofit organization, one of the most important things you’ll do is set goals. Without goals, it’s difficult to know what you’re working toward and how to measure your success. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of setting goals for nonprofit organizations and provide tips on how to create effective goals. We’ll also provide several examples of goals that you may want to set for your own nonprofit.


The Value of Goal Setting

Setting goals is important for any organization, but it’s especially crucial for nonprofits. This is because nonprofits are often working toward lofty goals that can take years or even decades to achieve. By setting goals, you can keep your nonprofit on track and ensure that you’re making progress towards your long-term vision.

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How to Create and Set Goals for Your Nonprofit Organization

When creating goals for your nonprofit, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

Evaluate Where You Are: Before you can set goals, you need to take a step back and evaluate the current status of your nonprofit. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What has been working well and what needs to be improved? Answering these questions will help identify areas on which you need to focus.

Consider Where You Need to Focus: Once you know where you stand, you can start thinking about what goals you need to set. What do you want to achieve in the short-term and long-term? What are your top priorities? When setting goals, it’s important to focus on a few key areas so that you don’t spread yourself too thin.

Draft SMART Goals: Once you have an idea of the goals you want to set, it’s time to start drafting them. When creating goals, it’s important to make sure they are: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). This will help you create goals that are clear and attainable.

Create a Plan to Achieve These Goals: Once your goals are created, you need to develop a plan to achieve them. What steps do you need to take? Who will be responsible for each task? When will each task be completed? Answering these questions will help create a roadmap for achieving your goals.


Examples of Great Goals Set by Nonprofit Organizations

The following are some examples of goals that have been set by other nonprofit organizations:

– To provide XX number of people with access to clean water by XX date.

– To build XX number of homes for families in need by XX date.

– To plant XX number of trees in deforested areas by XX date.

– To reduce the amount of plastic waste produced in XYZ country by XX% by XX date.

– To provide XYZ number of children with access to education by XX date.

– To increase donor engagement by XX% by XX date.

– To raise XX amount of money by XX date.

– To recruit XX number of new volunteers by XX date.

– To increase the number of people served by XX% by XX date.



As you can see, these goals are all specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. They are also goals that will have a positive impact on the lives of others. When setting goals for your own nonprofit, make sure to keep these factors in mind. Doing so will help you create goals that are realistic and attainable.

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