Nonprofit Business Model Canvas + Template

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Nonprofit organizations are a vital part of our society. They provide critical services to people in need and work to make the world a better place. However, nonprofit organizations also face unique challenges when it comes to their business model. In this article, we will explore the nonprofit business model canvas and how to create one for your own nonprofit organization.

Types of Nonprofit Business Models

There are a few different types of nonprofit business models. The most common are membership-based, program-based, and social enterprise-based.

Membership-based nonprofits: These organizations rely on membership fees to support their operations. They may also offer other benefits to members, such as discounts or access to exclusive events.

Program-based nonprofits: These organizations provide programs or services to the public. They generate revenue through program fees, grants, and donations.

Social enterprise-based nonprofits: These organizations use entrepreneurship to further their mission. They generate revenue through the sale of goods or services.


What is Included In a Nonprofit Business Model Canvas?

The nonprofit business model canvas is a tool that can help you map out your nonprofit’s unique business model. It includes nine key elements of your nonprofit organization:

– Mission: The reason or goal for your existence.

– Value proposition: Your unique offer to the world.

– Target market: The primary audience for your nonprofit.

– Key resources: The most important assets of your nonprofit.

– Key Activities: The most important activities of your nonprofit.

– Key Partnerships: The strategic relationships of your nonprofit.

– Revenue streams: Sources of income into your nonprofit.

– Cost structure: The expenses of your nonprofit.

– Sustainability plan: The strategy of your nonprofit for long-term success.

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How to Create a Business Model Canvas for Your Nonprofit

Creating a nonprofit business model canvas can help clarify your nonprofit’s purpose, identify your target market, and map out your revenue streams. Follow these steps to create your own nonprofit business model canvas:

Define your nonprofit’s mission: What is your nonprofit’s reason for existence? What problem are you trying to solve?

Determine your nonprofit’s value proposition: What unique offer do you have for the world? How does your nonprofit make a difference?

Identify your nonprofit’s target market: Who is your nonprofit’s primary audience? What needs do they have that your nonprofit can address?

Define your nonprofit’s key resources: What assets does your nonprofit have that will help you achieve your mission?

Identify your nonprofit’s key activities: What activities are most important to your nonprofit’s success?

Determine your nonprofit’s key partnerships: Who are your nonprofit’s strategic partners? How can they help achieve your mission?

Map out your nonprofit’s revenue streams: What are your nonprofit’s primary sources of income? How will you generate revenue to support your operations?

Outline your nonprofit’s cost structure: What expenses will you incur in order to achieve your mission?

Develop a sustainability plan: What is your strategy for long-term success? How will you ensure that your nonprofit can continue to operate in the future?


A Template Business Model Canvas to Get You Started

Looking for a nonprofit business model canvas template? Here’s a quick and easy way to get started:

Mission: [Name of nonprofit] exists to _____.

Value Proposition: We offer _____ to _____.

Target Market: Our primary audience is _____.

Key Resources: Our most important assets are _____.

Key Activities: Our most important activities are _____.

Key Partnerships: Our strategic partners are _____.

Revenue Streams: Our primary sources of income are _____.

Cost Structure: Our expenses are _____.

Sustainability Plan: Our strategy for long-term success is _____.

[Name of nonprofit] is a _____ that provides _____ to _____. We generate revenue through _____. Our expenses are _____. Our strategy for long-term success is _____.

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